ACIM Lesson 26

Lesson 25: “I do not know what anything is for.”

The ego’s perception is always limited.

It is exactly like being in a very tightly constructed box with no escape and an ever inwardly constricting quality.

It feels like it is always caving in on us because it is so severe and consistent.  We are petrified of being stuck there.

This box becomes our prison because we buy into its reality so completely.

The ego has just one perception, it carries just one idea of reality.  But it turns out that there are other options.

The problem is always that the ego fails to notify us of any other options than itself, and we end up stuck in the box- impossible to escape, and petrified that this is our only reality.

The Course is our other option because it teaches us the true function of us and the true function of God.

Because we learn how God actually is in reality, then, that means that this is such a happy welcomed news that it buoys us up. 

It makes us feel confident and certain of ourselves and so we can behave in ways that truly make us happy and content and peaceful.

The Course is giving us a way out of that insane ego’s box.

It is the worst nightmare when we believe we are stuck there. 

But this is not a problem because we are getting the news from the Course that we can choose God’s reality and Will at any time we please. 

This means we can follow God, and follow God’s ideas, and God’s will, and this allows us to be ridiculously happy.

All of the reasons we used to fret we realize are really not possible to happen anyway, so we can just get out of that old habit of worrying, because it is no longer necessary since we have another option in our relationship with God that always works to heal ourselves.

Since we would rather have a reality of true peace and ease and lightness, we need to make sure that we just stay open to the possibility that we were wrong about everything. 

Our openness to being wrong about our ego’s perception just allows us a bit of space within us that is then open and empty for God to come and reside within us.  This now empty place invites God to come.

We just need to remember that the ego’s vision is always distorted.

We understand this now but we just need to make sure that we don’t get all bound within in the process of interpreting things. 

The ego’s vision is always distorted and never correct but we believe it because it is familiar.

We are invited to just completely surrender that inner ego pull we have to judge the world in the ego’s interpretation which always happens. 

Just steer clear completely from that very strong pull to decide decisively how things are. 

This is always a mistake when we allow the ego’s grip to be within the simple evaluation of what we see. 

Give this interpretation right to the Holy Spirit for a gentle reminder to not force on ourselves the ego’s perception.


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