ACIM Lesson 25

Lesson 25: “My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.”

Because God loves us eternally and unconditionally and with all of the power and potency of God’s supreme power then nothing can in any way impact us in any significant way. 

We are invulnerable because God always loves us to the greatest extent. 

Therefore, we are entirely safe and it is impossible to impact us in any way that was not specifically designed and planned by God.

Nothing can happen that God has not specifically planned for us and this is why there is never a moment we need to fret or worry or stress. 

We have God’s love consistently, and this is the foundation of our certainty, which is all we need to keep us safe and protected in the world.

Attack thoughts are always doing their thing. 

They attack, period.  There is nothing else to say about this.

Attack thoughts are always doing the exact same thing because they are attack thoughts and so we can count on them to be consistent. 

We just don’t be surprised in the process because this is a given and a guarantee.  This means that they will continue to do the same thing.

But the beauty is that no matter how practiced attack energy is at attacking, the result happens to be that there is no part of us that gets injured in the process of the attack happening within our energy field and within our minds. 

We are invulnerable because God loves us so much that we can trust that nothing will affect us when attack energy happens.

We just need to get in the hang of accepting this. 

Our invulnerability is something we forget because it is not at all an ego quality.

Therefore, we just need to take this information seriously and get into the mind frame that we are invulnerable. 

When we change our minds about having the capacity of being invulnerable, then we really accomplish our invulnerability. 

When we let it in, then the reality becomes real for us. 

This is why reminders like this are perfect to get us into that standpoint.


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