ACIM Lesson 320

“What is the Last Judgement?” “Lesson 320:”My Father gives all power unto me.” 

This lesson says, “His holy Will can never be denied, because His Father shines upon his mind, and lays before it all the strength and love in earth and Heaven.”  

We are getting the clue at last about how to liberate our souls. 

We are provided with the way to find ourselves right directly and positively through the belief that we are not worthy of the best of the best. 

We all have that dark, illusory, inventive thinking that makes us believe readily that we are not worth the best effort. 

We all miss the mark when it comes to standing tall at times because we forget that we can.  

We forget how fun it is to laugh and giggle and play while we go, not missing a beat in our routines while we complete them with a sure sense of joy. 

We forget to dance through our days with a light heart because we can. 

We often get so laden with the ego’s guilt and disillusionment  that we then can’t get out of our own ways because it is too difficult.  

We are reminded here to stop and sit and savor our breathing, to adore our beating hearts. 

We don’t have to do anything else but simply appreciate what is. 

This is the magic of the miracle when we are simply open to choosing again or open to laughing throughout our days. 

We get to do it if we are simply willing to be present with the allowing of God’s Energy and Purpose to go right through us. 

We don’t have to do anything but just give God a high five and party as we go.  

We don’t have to do anything else but to accept the energy of kindness toward ourselves. 

The Course reminds us that there is no-one else out there except for us, so we can just stay focused on healing our own minds.  We don’t have to get anyone else to heal, we can just emanate our own healing energy within ourselves, to everyone else. 

We can trust that all we see will be affected positively even if we can ’t always see this readily.  

We can trust that the perfection is there, so we can rest in our certainty that all is well and simply step back from making anything happen in any way.   

We release with gentle serenity our attachment of the world, and then, have fewer issues while we are there because we can remember that everything is just silly illusion. 

It is so hard for us to do this because the ego is clawing at us- with daggers- and trying to make us suffer immensely.  And, because of this insane pull, we get affected by the dream. 

But now we know that it is a little bit less than it was before because we stop and take the time to allow it to be less painful.

The lightness is the only thing we need to hold in our hearts and call upon dependably.

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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