Laurie’s Positive Points: Our willingness is our promise for peace

Laurie’s  Positive Points: “Our willingness is our promise for peace.” 

Our willingness is the sure fire way to dodge the old set boundaries and delete the old standards of mediocre living. 

The only problems we ever have are when we are not available, and open to moving our energy. 

Our energy is all we need to stir.  This is such a little endeavor, it is always possible with that tiniest amount of muscle. 

The willingness is the one thing we ever need, and it is only just that intention that we set for moving our consciousness into one of a more elevated perspective.  

When we set our intention and we focus on it, then we feed that inner energy loop within us, and it starts to expand- to mushroom and soar, and it feels really good because it is Godly. 

Feeding it is the key, and we just need to remember to hold our own hands internally, and boost our love and forgiveness, around our learning to choose again. 

We can hold our own hands in a show of deep love and respect in the process of learning to choose again. 

We are given the opportunity to be totally quiet and kind when we make mistakes in practice, we sit quietly and we enjoy being a witness to whatever is happening within us. 

This is the best way to get to that altered state of consciousness that appeals to us in such a dramatic way.

Intention is simply the first step in whatever we do, and we need to be aware of it, and to clean it up if we have somehow gotten into a false groove with it. 

We need to be willing to see first that part of us that wants to make some action in the world that begins with a wrong pursuit. 

We just need to see this when it happens, and bless it, and allow it to vacate our energy and consciousness immediately.  We bless those old feelings of distress and we give them space to be heard if they need to be heard.

Then, we give them right up to that part of us that God has brought for us and cherishes for us while we live.  We just need to invite something new.


We just need to feel that authentic moment when we have an honest look at how we think and how we live our lives. 

We just need to be available to have a deeper level of awareness of how we do things and what most appeals to us in terms of what we do and say.

It is the lightness of that invitation which feeds us in the deepest way and allows us to choose more miracles in our days. 

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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