ACIM Lesson 348

Lesson 348: “What is a Miracle?”  “I have no cause for anger or for fear, for You surround me.  And in every need that I perceive, Your grace suffices me.”  

We have the guarantee from the Course’s version of God that we are infinitely supplied from God with all we need permanently.

God knows exactly what we need- exactly what perfect solution we appear to need in the ego’s world. 

God’s understands all and God transforms all into something perfect and helpful and sustaining.

God arranges all the help we need in the world into a picture of something perfectly designed, and God gives us the solutions that are perfect. 

And therefore we can trust infinitely that all we see is perfect the way it is because it is a design by God.

This means our anxiety and suffering over the world can simply at last disappear and fall away because when we realize that everything is perfect, we don’t have to sit and suffer about how we think it looks. 

We can sit and feel complete contentment because we have all that we need.

God always provides what we need, and because we have this constant guarantee  from God, then we have no reason at all to feel concern over anything really at all. 

We can relax and hang out and enjoy the ride because there are no problems that can’t be helped entirely with God’s Will, Promise, and Love.

God’s grace is the perfect solution that provides us with all because God is perfect and has the capacity to give us all we need.

This is why our solid faith is appropriate and helpful and we can just sit back in this faith and let God move the mountains that appear before us.

No matter how hard the ego’s world appears to be- in lacking a perfect solution, the true reality is, that we simply can give all of our upsets and challenges to God with that amazing inner knowing that all is well. 

God’s grace is way beyond the our ego’s grace and this is why it works all the time without fail.

We just need to appreciate this and allow ourselves to trust, and then, rest in this, because we can rest with God’s grace all around us and within us.


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