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Lesson 83: Review: “My only function is the one God gave me.” “My happiness and my function are one.”

This lesson says, “Nothing, including this, can justify the illusion of happiness apart from my function.”  One of the extraordinary traits of the Course is that is all a practical application.  The ego’s world commonly likes to talk the talk.  The ego has some times grand ideas about looking good on the outside.  The ego likes to exude its grandiosity.  The ego likes to make claims about who we are and then not follow through with the effort it takes to become the flavor of extraordinary that the ego says we are.  The ego doesn’t like to do anything because it is generally not up to being engaged with what we need to do to become more happy and balanced people in God’s terms.  The ego often just tells stories far and wide.  The ego likes to to tell a story about how great it is.

This is always unfortunate because it is not true.

The Course instead talks about the importance of aligning our behavior, thoughts, and words in the God Mind.  

This requires effort in our sustained vigilance to keep choosing thoughts that are aligned with God’s mentality.  The Course says that theory is all helpful to allow us to understand the broad picture of what and why the Course is asking, for sure.

But the philosophies of the Course are simply food for thought.

This helps us accomplish in important ways the workbook so we understand what we are doing.  However, the Course absolutely teaches us to apply all the teachings of the Course. We are encouraged here to just make it ours.

We are invited to do it and feel and say it.  We learn how to participate with our effort and intention.

This power we have over choosing our thinking is the talent we are honing in the Course because we are looking for a better way of living, and this is it. 

However, we absolutely have to show up and be willing to engage in the practices.  This is the only way to actually become the person we want to be.  Theory takes us so far, but we have to make sure we practice until we get to a place where practicing no longer takes effort. And it is simply part of our day to day life in a way that gives us the best life picture we can have.  When we do what the Course says, this is the way to finally make peace with our minds.  The Course teaches us how to move into a habitual experience of living in the principles.  At that point, we then no longer have to make as much effort because our mind-body-spirit knows how to do this already.  Because, we have practiced enough to feel at ease about not needing more vigilance than just enough.  We just have to show up and do what we are learning to do.

If we don’t understand the Course this is totally fine.  We can simply let time and exposure of the ideas over time simply sink in when they do in their own pace.  Sometimes the philosophy of the Course can seem a little heady and abstract.  What we can do is forgive this.

We forgive the Course for not appearing to be more accessible to our comprehension. 

We just need to give the Course and ourselves whatever process we need to have.  We learn Course ideas from all kinds of sources.

Sometimes we can learn about the Course from other conversations or through our relationships.   Or, when we work at applying the Course, then sometimes questions about it may be up in our minds because we are readily working on integrating it.  Sometimes we get stuck for a time being.  Just trust that it will be a perfect process of gradually gathering the insights we need to bit by bit come to a deeper and deeper understanding of what the Course is explaining and asking us to do practically.

This can take years or lifetimes, but it will happen if we just hold the Course in our hearts.

We allow it to be a perfect tool that is in its own way imperfect. 

We bless it for being this teacher that is teaching us how to be at peace within.  The Course is always just encouraging us to give away our training wheels because we no longer need them.  We can simply be authentic and real as the person we are exactly now and also as we are meant to be.  We are learning how to make our journey of learning to love God and ourselves and each other our own and only sacred journey. Trust that God has a plan for how we will become fully engaged in how to live each moment with faith that we are always in the right place and that God is always just a thought away.


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