ACIM Lesson 34

Lesson 34: “I could see peace instead of this.”

We always have a choice.  We are getting the extraordinary chance to choose what we see. 

When the world shows us lack of love, all we have to do is bring the miracle.

The miracle is the shift in consciousness to get to one of love. 

This is why the miracle always heals, it is always the solution to the world’s pain and drama and discord.

All we have to do is be willing to do our parts and change our minds.  

We have this amazing capacity to get to the place of feeling totally empowered because all we have to do is choose the energy and purpose of God- which is elevated and always joy inducing. 

We  have the capacity to bring love with us all the time when the world appears to be lacking in love. The miracle is a perfect insert to apply to the world’s dilemmas.

The Course just gets us to realize that there is always another option when the world looks and feels excruciatingly difficult.

We just must remember that we have the capacity to get to a better place if we simply give our own willingness in the moment to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. 

When we see attack energy, we all have that ego part of us that suffers.

This is something we all struggle over, but when we have difficult issues arise we just need to be willing to be the most sane one in the situation in the moment. 

We all have moments of forgetting our sanity, and therefore, its important that we don’t judge anyone in that less sane place in the moment. and that we don’t judge ourselves if we forget to be the most sane one in the room. 

Forgiveness is always necessary.

But what we can do when we are able is show up and try our best to make the miracle accessible for ourselves. 

Make sure the miracle is something we have had practice applying, and we have created some habit of miracle readiness in our lives.

  It will support us in the purpose of our maintaining an elevated level of being aligned with God energy. 

We can rely on this to support us in the process of keeping ourselves aligned with God.


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