Lesson 124 Laurie’s Reflections

Monday, May 4, 2015

Lesson 124: “Let me remember I am one with God.”

We don’t have to try to figure out who to be.  The ego gives endless choices about every little detail in life.  We can feel overwhelmed with the plethora of options.  We can be completely lost and forget our way because we simply have so much to figure out in the world in our human life.  We are asked to make decisions all day long.  We are bombarded with possibilities because the ego thinks if it keeps us busy, we won’t see God and we won’t see our desire for God as the number one thing in our lives.  The ego just gives us layer after layer of insanity.  The maze is thick with wretched turns in which we just might not be able to survive.  The ego tells us live in the crazy maze or die.  The ego always fears death in the back of its mind.  Death especially can feel so dreadful that the ego just shudders and simply refuses to do anything authentic with the feeling.  The fear gets buried.

The fear of death, as understood as the one most dreaded experience makes us afraid to confront and in any way reject our egos because the ego says death is the price of going contrary to the ego’s way.  The ego just trumps up this insane charge that it can be the end of us, so we simply get so frightened we can’t function adequately in even the most straightforward of life’s tasks.  We just have to realize how desperate egos get when they face what is close to dying.

As a result, our egos simply get paralyzed from the fear.  This is why we have to forgive our egos for giving us this insane charge.  And then after we forgive it, simply stop perpetuating the cycle of fear and then inaction as a result.  We just must watch for our egos to keep boarding this crazy train.

The ego is in its deepest mind trying to help us.   The ego just has all the wrong information about how to live.  This is why we must forgive the ego for its insane suppositions.  Know that this is the best it can do so we don’t harbor judgement against it or keep attacking it for not giving us the life that we know we want.  We can gently set the ego straight, bless it and move it aside.  And then release it back to God’s altar to assume instead the most helpful and appropriate role for it to have in the hand of God.

Just know our egos make a big stink about trying to be better than God.  And because of this insane need to perceive itself as better than God, the ego often tries to mislead us into believing the ego is a better option than God.  Just trust that choosing God is the only option that will ever bring us true peace.  Then we can relax into the memory that since we are united with God, we can entirely discard the ego’s need for control and live instead in the serenity of perfect love.


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