12-31-14 Lesson 365 Laurie’s Reflections

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Lesson 365: “This holy instant would I give to You.  Be You in charge.  For I would follow You, certain that your direction gives me peace.”

What an event to finish this year’s daily Course In Miracles!  This is an ending we can be proud of and feel full from all the love we have gained.  We have learned a deeper love within and gained more clarity about how to forgive with consistency and kindness.  We grew in discipline, because a whole year of doing a daily task of any kind is a huge undertaking!  But the Course asks us to do more than just read.  That’s the way to start.  But then we are asked to live and truly apply the principles to every part of our lives. This is a great beginning at getting us to a more peaceful lens to see all of what we see.

We can feel so pleased, even if we missed a day here or there, or we didn’t remember all the asked applications.  We can practice forgiving when we missed part of the larger process.  We participated in whatever way we could authentically do.  We did our best, no matter what that looks like.  Enormous plus for our hearts.  If we didn’t get the Course in every way, there is still also time.  To change our minds is a big, big job.  Therefore, let’s just know it will come.  If we keep showing up to meet our minds with compassion and discipline we will inevitably get where we need to be.  Let’s celebrate this momentous occasion.

Let’s love this year of accepting ourselves as a process and allowing ourselves to be one who is growing stronger, more clear, more in sync with our Creator.  We can be thrilled about the commitment we made and thrilled about whatever we managed to carry out in this process.  It’s all what is the perfect amount.  Let’s let ourselves honor this ending of this year’s Course Lessons.  We honor this work we have done because it taught us significantly about how to practice love in action, where we are not afraid to be  exactly who we are.  We are not afraid to love the hard stuff about ourselves because as the Course teaches us, we are perfectly holy no matter whatever is hidden within.

Then, as we gather ourselves and acknowledge this enormous task of getting a clearer picture of ourselves, we can also let the ending be perfect as it is.  We often have huge stores of judgment about who we are or what our life is or what we are capable of doing.  What we need to do is let the ending be perfect, as it is.  We forgive ourselves for whatever we think we missed.  We love ourselves for the effort and we forgive ourselves when we made no effort.

This Course is a path where the ending is simply where we learn to love everything, even endings when we might want more time at something.  Allow the ending to be a time of blessings because we had such growth or joy or both.  Whatever we had before was a sacred gift.  And if it ends now, thank it.

If we get sad about endings, take this opportunity to love it even more.  Love it and thank it for such pleasure it brought.  Then let it be fine that it no longer comes in our lives.  Sometimes we feel great attachment to the ending, as we want it to last forever.  Just love it and then let it go.  Such abundance is right around the corner.  What is coming is better than ever.  Don’t feel resistance to the release.  Know this is just the beginning to another amazing frolic in the experience of perfect joy.


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