ACIM Lesson 309

Lesson 309: “What is the Second Coming?”  “I will not fear to look within today.” 

We must be our very best cheerleader.

We must be the advocate for ourselves that we deeply want to be, that we deserve to have, and who supports our inner growth. 

Our purpose is to get to know who we are and enjoy the process.

The Course is teaching us a way to be safe emotionally because we act in accordance with certain constructs in the philosophy that work successfully to provide us emotional safety.

It instructs us how to be open to the ever potential of becoming bigger people and acting on this.

We want to hold more love so that we are happier and more functional in our jobs and relationships and we have peace in our own minds.  The Course teaches us how to get intimate with our minds.

We want not to fear looking at who we truly are, not to fear looking at the blocks to love’s presence, which show up as our fear, guilt, resentment, anger, grief, whatever pushes our buttons.

The Course gives us the way out of this cycle of our recreating numbness within. 

The ego is always pushing us to just bury everything far from the reaches of our minds so we have to struggle to retrieve them.  The ego is always giving us reason to not look.

When we have unprocessed emotions that block us from love, this causes us pain. 

The Course teaches us to be ever so gentle with this process. 

Our hearts are so big and strong, they are resilient like a lion and yet, they are delicate and sensitive. 

We want to simply learn to love them as they are.  Our emotional world needs to be cared for in a way that makes us feel like we have done nothing wrong in the grand scheme of things; we want to always feel accepted.  It is a fine line- to be sure we are always taking care of ourselves emotionally so that we get the compassion that makes us feel heard, loved, and advocated for when necessary.

We want to be very kind in the manner we treat ourselves and get our needs met because this is the way to make us happy and truly cared for.  

This is ever so important to getting into self discovery emotionally and being willing to get into these places that might feel rather frozen in our hearts.

However, we also while we are ever so gentle, we want to fully take responsibility for what we see within our minds and hearts.  

Taking responsibility means we are willing to take the next step beyond compassion and make sure we take action steps toward a proactive solution. 

This proactive piece allows us to get our needs met if we want to articulate what those are.  Taking this proactive step to move our rigid attachments to emotional pain allows us to feel content about the process.  When we make sure we have stood up for ourselves emotionally or practically or both, this allows us to get into the rhythm of the practice.

Then we start to enjoy and look forward to emotional processing because we see that there is a healthy and happy resolution out there where the Holy Spirit has given us ideas about how to make the situation more ideal for us in our creating the happy dream.


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