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Miracles Lesson 112

Lesson 112:  Review III says, “Do not deceive yourself in this. Unwillingness can be carefully concealed behind a cloak of situations you cannot control. Learn to distinguish situations that are poorly suited to your practicing from those that you establish to uphold your unwillingness.” One thing that draws me to...

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Make sure our hearts are open.

Laurie’s Positive Points: Make sure our hearts are open. We want to have hearts that are wide open and full of Love. When we have closed hearts, we are full of resistance. So this is never optimal. We want to be available to connect with our loved ones and all...

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Miracles Lesson 105

Miracles Lesson 105: “God’s peace and joy are mine.” This lesson explains these words. “God’s gifts will never lessen when they are given away. They but increase thereby. It adds by letting what cannot contain itself fulfill its aim of giving everything It has away.” The Course explains that...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Be sure to inspect your food

Laurie’s Positive Points: Be sure to inspect your food. We want to be friends with our food, so we want to know it well and take the time to get to know them. We need to get to a place with our food where it is a regular thing that...

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Miracles Lesson 98

Lesson 98: “I will accept my part in God’s plan for salvation.” The Course explains how essential it is for us to participate in our lives. We want to be conscious and do things mindfully. Bringing our awareness with us as we go through life makes us dramatically happier...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Self-respect

 Laurie’s Positive Points: Self-respect Self Respect: Remember that attitude that carries us in our lives. Our attitude is self-respect. Self-respect is when we feel empowered. Self-respect is when we are willing to do whatever it takes to live our lives in whatever way makes us happiest.   Self-respect is the same...

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Lesson 91

 Lesson 91: “Miracles are seen in light.” This lesson says, “I am not a body. What am I? The course eloquently explains, “I am not weak, but I strong. I am not hopeless but all-powerful. I am not limited but all-powerful. I am not limited but unlimited. I am...

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