Miracles Lesson 112

Lesson 112:  Review III says, “Do not deceive yourself in this. Unwillingness can be carefully concealed behind a cloak of situations you cannot control. Learn to distinguish situations that are poorly suited to your practicing from those that you establish to uphold your unwillingness.”

One thing that draws me to the Course is entirely practical in its teachings. Before I learned about the Course, I considered myself various Christian religions and various Buddhist religions.

My experience of the spiritual teachings and learnings that were available to me all seemed like there was a minimal emphasis on the practical aspects of the spiritual paths with which I was involved.

One of the reasons the spiritual ways to which I was exposed did not draw me to continue is their lack of the importance of putting our spiritual lives into practice.

It is most helpful for us all to practice what we preach. What we learn in our spiritual lives needs to be acted out in our behavior or at least as often as possible.

We want to put our feet in our Fatih and take active steps to put our faith into practice instead of simply learning about spirituality. Making it practical is ideal.

 It always seemed hypocritical, so this is the main reason I did not continue in those other churches because of the lack of taking steps to heal ourselves in our lives instead of simply learning about them intellectually.

The Course asks us to make the practice of living the Course in our day-to-day lives. Practicing the Course is difficult, really difficult in many ways, but it seems appropriate the way it encourages us to practice what we learn in it. So I want to do and do.

Know our egos are always trying to get the last word in and be in charge of our lives. But we can choose our thinking and be empowered through doing this. Our egos want us to make vast mistakes.

Just know our egos are seriously excellent at throwing us off, so this is why the Course so eloquently explains how our egos are and what kinds of things they do so we can remember to prevent them from taking over control of our minds.

Our egos deceive us into believing we should hear them and that our practice of watching them is not helping. Just know our egos go out of their ways to cause us to miss their deception. We need to catch the ego in their insane act of derailing our ships. 

 All Love,

 Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed Acupuncture


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