Lesson 269 Laurie’s Reflections

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lesson 269: “What is the body?” “My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.”

This lesson speaks of a going forth.  The Course says there is no time and space.  This is something we made up when we had the mistaken belief that we separated from God.  In God’s world there is just God’s Essence- which is purely Love- and that includes all beings and all parts of our existence.  The Course reminds us time and time again that there is no where to go when we believe we are going forth.  We are reminded that we don’t have to go anywhere.  God is already with us.  God is with us completely.  We never have to get somewhere to find God as God is the awakened energy within us now.  God never asks to go forth because God knows that as pure energy there is never a moment when God is not in His perfect existence.  Also, there is never a moment we need to find the means to connect with each other as our separation never happened in the first place.
What we learn in the Course is that God is only energy and therefore has no form.  Thus there is no need to try to go forth to get to God.  God is already everywhere and is so simultaneously; because God is not some form we may meet in the right time.  God is the amazing as He is- saying we don’t have to move through time and space in order to get to God.  God is simply the awareness that nothing bad ever happened and that when we simply remember, we have an experience of the feeling of God’s presence- Love.

When we experience this love and light of God then our need to exist in form takes on new meaning.   When we live in the world of form we start to understand it all very differently as we are looking at it through the lens of God.  The world of form takes on less impact in our mentality.  We start to see that the world of form is simply unimportant.  The Course says God is not meeting us in form because God is the experience solely.  God also exists in the world of form simply because God wants to never leave us for an instant in the insane second we thought we were lost from God.

The Course teaches us that God never moves and we don’t have to move to get to Him.  This is because God is all places at once.  We learn that God doesn’t operate with the world’s limitation in the structure of form.  Therefore, we can allow it to simply be true that what we see is not real.  And then we can start to learn more about the form and of how God exists without it.  Then we are invited to take the same action, to be in step with our Creator.  Over time, we can start to see it as not the primary place that contains and is our power.  Our power comes from knowing God has no need for form and so we also need it only for sharing breath with our brothers and sisters in the illusion.  However, we can diminish its importance in our thinking styles as it is not of God’s perfect plan.  Therefore, we are invited to let it not mislead us into believing in its validity except as a temporary path that we tread to get to God.


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