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Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to be enthusiastic about our loved ones

Laurie’s Positive Points: Remember to be enthusiastic about your loved ones.   Remember to notice when we forget to be enthusiastic and engaged with one of our loved ones. When we have disputes with our loved ones, and all of us do because we are a unit, we need to figure...

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Miracles Lesson 84

Lesson 84: Review: “Love created me like Itself.” “Love holds no grievances.” The Course says God is our Father and Benefactor. He not only cares about us and loves us, but He is also most especially for our favor. He will provide us with abundance in the world as...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Love and enjoy our bodies

Laurie’s Positive Points: Enjoy our bodies:  Our egos make many complaints about our bodies, and it can be so difficult not to hear the inner chatter we have of the ego and not believe it. Our egos complain about everything because they see and experience grievances. Our egos make...

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Lesson 77

Lesson 77: “ I am entitled to miracles.”   This lesson brilliantly explains, “I will not trade grievances for miracles. I what belongs to me. God has established that miracles as my right.” The Course says that miracles are our right and privilege. We forget that God wills for...

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Laurie’s Positive Points: Being more positive in our speech

Laurie’s Positive Points: Being more positive in our speech. We want to be positive in our minds and think and say positive words in our speech. We want to be positive in our address because we will feel better when we do. Our egos fill our minds with harmful...

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