Lesson 99 Laurie’s Reflections

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lesson 99: “Salvation is my only function here.”  The Course asks us to be crystal clear about what we are doing here.  We are asked to be certain our intention is not divided.  When we have many goals underneath we end up wavering in the outcome of what we create.  We don’t make a clear result of a unified mind.  We can end up going in many directions.  The ego is chaotic and when we allow it to run our minds, we end up disoriented and ineffective.  When we are not clear inside about what we want, we are ineffective in our creative endeavors.  We simply can’t make any real progress.  Undoubtedly we end up going in circles.  Therefore, the final product ends up being often not at all close to what we might have originally planned.  When the ego is in charge, we end up making all the wrong moves and so we don’t end up with something that is God-sent.

Jesus teaches us here to simply stay focused on our only one goal, and that is to live in the mindset of our salvation.  When we simply let go of any other importance that the ego usually gives to worldly activities, then our mind can be free from all the struggle the ego usually makes when it is asked to let go of its insane fantasies about running the show of our lives.  We simply sit back with the knowing that our salvation and the alignment of our minds with God is the only purpose that was meant for us and the only purpose we need.  We just need to keep this squared away in our minds that we are meant for nothing but God.  When we remind ourselves of this, then there is no conflict within because we are  simply God’s will manifested in form.  Then we can do away with any false beliefs that are not in conjunction with the purpose of our salvation.

This lesson says, “What plan could hold the truth inviolate, yet recognize the need illusions bring, and offer means by which they are undone without attack and with no touch of pain?”  This is the Course’s idea of salvation and it says that this is accomplished only in God’s capacity.  It says that God holds the truth inviolate- meaning God shows us the truth which is unchangeable and always the perfection of God’s mindset.  God holds the truth within His mind and it simply exists, it doesn’t need any further explanation.  It’s perfect and gives us every advantage of living with certainty as we can trust God’s truth never changes.

God’s plan carries this truth and simply exudes and expresses this perfect truth of God.  God simply sits in the experience of knowing the truth and needs nothing else because the experience is the most ultimate experience. Then while God is holding that space, God also recognizes that we have created a dream- a nightmare- when we forgot God.  That is the manifestation of our illusion and God sees that this illusion we think we believe in, simply needs to be undone.  Thus, while God is doing nothing in the perfection of Being, God can also simply cancel out the beliefs we have of the nightmare.

And when God is simply erasing the belief that anything other than God exists, God does this in a completely forgiving and nonjudgemental way as God wants to demonstrate for us what kind of love we can bring to the world.  Therefore, God takes away any hint of pain in the making of our illusion and casts it all off of our minds without the slightest strain.  This is the perfect plan of God and only God can hold both of these realities simultaneously.  God is powerful enough to do so.  Our job is to be thankful for the gift of correction in what is our illusion.


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