ACIM Lesson 347

Lesson 347: “What is a Miracle?”  “Anger must come from judgement.   Judgement is the weapon I would use against myself, to keep the miracle away from me.”   

When we judge, these are attack thoughts about ourselves and the world.

Our judgement is always about some failing we perceive we have.   When we judge, we feel like we have been wronged or we are the victim because someone else is treating us in some way we don’t like.

When the ego makes judgment paramount in our minds, we become overwhelmed with attack energy.  When we feel attack energy, the natural response is anger.  We then react toward someone and we feel the anger within ourselves.

Anger is always our natural response.  

We are simply responding to that attack.  Anger blocks our flow to Love.

The natural way of Love is to move.  

Love is perfect and has its own inherent energy and Essence.

Love moves, and that is why we can extend love easily to other people and the world or toward ourselves. 

Love moves in a standard situation.

That is why generally we don’t have to do anything to Love to get it to move. 

God designed it this way.  

The problem is when we get into anger feelings, then we stop the natural flow of Love’s energy.

Anger is like a bank vault, it is solid and impenetrable and unmovable because the natural movement of anger is stasis. 

Anger is not open to suggestion and changing because anger  likes to be rock-steady in its stasis.  This is why anger is an incredible force when we let run unchecked.

Anger is powerful and can simply get to a place where it blocks Love because it is expanding when we are not willing to deal with it- surrendering it to God.

We want to remember that judgement is what instigates our anger, and this is why we want to make sure we are not allowing our minds to have unchecked judgement.  We want anger to be clear from our minds as much as possible.

Just appreciate that anger causes us to energetically stagnate- anger likes us to simply boil and rage but doesn’t want to get to a place where we can set it down and remove it. 

It is a block to Love’s presence.

Just remember that when we allow our minds to judge, then we get wrapped up in our anger.

We become totally preoccupied with our feelings of judgment and victimization that we forget to be open to Love. 

When we lose sight of Love, this includes the miracle.  When we judge, we totally suffer because we boil in our anger, feeling justified in our suffering.

This always sucks away the miracle at hand.  

When forget we have the option of changing our thinking, we can forget the miracle exists and that we can bring Love to the situation that looks like a call for Love that brought us anger. 

Just be present with the judgement and Love it and forgive it as it is.  Then realize that we have all the tools we need to set down that judgment and wipe away our belief that suffering is necessary.

We just need to do our part in being brave enough to change our minds.


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