Lesson 346

Lesson 346: “What is a Miracle?”  “Today the peace of God envelops me, and I forget all things except His Love.”

The purpose of the Course is to teach us to achieve and maintain our inner peace. 

We do this by getting connected to God’s Love.

We learn to feel God’s Love as it is- an incredibly powerful force, energy, and magnet.  

We are learning to identify ourselves as God’s children and this means we are lovable. 

When we are feeling lovable, we exude love- it pours from us- and we get flooded with it as well.  This makes us incredibly powerful because we feel Love all the time within us.

When we feel lovable, we act lovable so we then behave in ways that are worthy of someone who has a full cup of self worth. 

The Course teaches us how to get to this place of feeling so good within that we then act in ways that are healthy, balanced, and appropriate. 

We create happy results because we feel so good as we are.

In doing the Course, we get much practice from our regular input- we get to read and rehearse the Course in our minds.  We hear the same messages so we get to that place where we accept we are ultra worthy because we are Gods children.  We practice remembering that we are worthy of being loved by God and all others.

Then, we get so filled within with God’s incredible Love that we stop looking outside of ourselves in the world to feed that inner sanctum that is often solid in the ego’s outlook.  

We practice remembering how loved we are so that we feel powerful in our simple expression and experience of God’s Love that we don’t have any need for externals, like money or food or other people or whatever we may have a huge obsession with or draw to.

The point of doing the Course is that we gain a clarity about how valuable we are in God’s eyes, that eventually we can emulate this because God Wills it for us as well. 

This is the way that eventually the world’s pulls, no matter how dramatic they may seem, eventually pale in comparison to the Love we feel for and with God. 

We no longer look anywhere but to God to meet the big needs and all of our needs.  This is the way that the world actually gets forgotten.

We get so invested in God’s Love and Presence in our lives, everything else in the world, pales in comparison.  Then we get to feel all the time this never-ending and incredibly potent Love.

When we finally realize how great God’s Love is and that we have it with us all the time, our perspective changes. 

We stop needing the world for a fix.

We may still appreciate it for all the bright lights but can get to a place where we actually forget the world to an increasing degree. 

It begins to disappear because God’s Light is so attractive and we are enamored with God. 

Then we can enjoy the world’s things because we Love God first. 

When we know balance here, then we lose that insane desire for the world.

  1. Bob 8 years ago

    This section on “What is a Miracle?” is simply amazing. As I make my way through the world miracles are made clear to me everywhere I look, it’s like watching a fireworks show go on all the time.

    • Author
      Laurie Prez 8 years ago

      I agree with you totally, Bob. Thanks for your note. I also appreciate the little miracles we see each situation we encounter. I see all the usual, plain, ordinary stuff of life- to be those things that inspire us to love. That makes everything a miracle in my book! Glad you see it too… Blessings, friend.

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