ACIM Lesson 361

Lesson 361: In the Final Lessons: Introduction it says, “Let us be leaders of our many brothers who are seeking for the way, but find it not.”

The Course is teaching us how to live in our humble certainty. 

When we feel our certainty, we feel and fully connect with our lovability. 

This gives us a happy, stable, elevated state of mind because we are always connecting with an abundant source of Love as God.  Furthermore, we are always identifying with the fact that we are remembering and living through our full hearts of Love.  This is why we want to focus on staying in our certainty.

It is the feeling and experience of being light and free because it feels easy to do everything in the world.  

We can sit and welcome all that comes in the world because when we remember to feel our certainty, nothing in the world looks scary. 

We feel completely confident that with our own union with God- in energy, there is nothing that would be more difficult than we can manage.

Our certainty is the constant rock within that works when we simply remember to know it truly.

The beauty is that we are learning how to do this and, if we are not now already doing it all the time, then, after a spell of time, we will grow into doing it more regularly because it becomes an ingrained habit.  Then we have the way out of the ego’s misery.

This means we get all the best of everything in life because God planned it this way for us.  This makes us feel incredibly happy.

We want to be sure we don’t get ungrounded in feeling happy. 

We don’t want to forget others in our certainty because this would be missing God. 

When we assume other people have not gotten the hang of their certainty yet, we just want to forgive this and, rather, have compassion for them.

The important thing is that we remember how full we are because we are filled with our certainty, but there is no reason to assume we are better than other people who are still progressing in their own time lines.

We want to forgive this process for being slow for them. 

But be sure to remember when we in any way put ourselves above anyone else for any reason, it results in our creating some separation from our loved ones with whom we share the planet.

The Course says how important it is for us to learn how to feel totally humble -in that we don’t want to separate ourselves energetically from anyone else. 

We are asked to forgive this about ourselves. 

Then, we are free to return to the magic feeling of our certainty that feels very good but in no way has the effect of putting us at a distance from anyone else.


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