Lesson 230 Laurie’s Reflections

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lesson 230: “What is forgiveness?” “Now I will seek and find the peace of God.”

The Course teaches us that there is always good news in the life being with God.  We are also so accustomed to living in the world where there is woe after woe.  The world is a cauldron brimming over with drama and discord.  The world is always a store full of hard thing after hard thing.  This is such a crazy way to live.  Because the world is this crazy storehouse of difficulty we start to think this is the only way to live.

What the Course teaches us that all of this problem that seems to appear in the world all completely disappears in Godly perspective.  We are asked to trust that everything has purpose.  We often don’t know what that is exactly.  Sometimes the world seems to be filled with pain and we often don’t know or can’t readily see how this benefits anyone.  But what the Course teaches us is that we all have learning on the planet.  And sometimes we all play a part in the larger picture of everyone’s learning.

This is why we can’t judge anything in the world because we don’t know how people may better themselves or at least play their designated role in the action of our lives.  This is why there is never any bad news when we live and move with God.  This is the luckiest thing for us because it means everything is perfect just as it is.  We can accept it with a gentle heart because we aren’s sitting in judgement about it and so therefore attacking it.

We get to live always in great joy because we know that everything we see has meaning.  Therefore our hearts will be full of joy because nothing is ever wrong in God’s world.


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