ACIM Lesson 355

Lesson 355: “What am I?-”  “There is no end to the peace and joy, and all the miracles that I will give, when I accept God’s Word.  Why not today?”  

Miracles are such gifts to ourselves.  The Course reminds us that the moment we bring a miracle and decide to directly offer a shift in our own consciousness in the situation, then the situation gets healed.  And we get healed too because when we give the miracle we are in an elevated energetic state, and therefore, we get to feel the energy of the miracle go right through us.  We get the magic of the miracle because we feel so great when we give and share miracles with the masses.  The miracle is miraculous because it is from God.  

We have God’s answer, the negation to the belief that we can sin and that anyone else can sin.  We get to remember that all is well in the situation because all of us are totally innocent.  God says we are masters of our fate, which is such a delicious news flash.  God gave us the capacity to choose and so we can always have a shift of perception when we find ourselves amidst the lunacy of the world.  We can sit and let God’s Energy thoroughly ooze into us, with that infinite sense of calmn that God so keenly shares with us.  

God wants us to enjoy ourselves and feel an incredible sense of liberation, and so God gives us the capacity for us to choose the miracle in all situations that seem off.  Everything we see is either Love or it is a call for Love.  Given this information, then the magic of the miracle is simply that all is well in the world, because all situations result in an abundant sense of Love, when we allow the miracle to come right through us.

We just need to remember that God is always in the mix, and we just need to let Him be there, and just appreciate His Presence.  The miracle is the one way of bringing the perfection of God to the world to be willing to give Love a try.  It works when we are open to it.

Miracles are the best part of lives as humans, because they are God’s gift of grace and certainty and fortitude.  When we allow ourselves to remember to bring the miracle, then we shift our perception of the worldly situation to one of true joy and forgiveness. The miracle is our own shift in consciousness that allows us to step up to  a real place of comfort because we have God’s Energy and Purpose within us.  

The miracle is when we remember to just have that moment of stopping, and that moment of staking a step back from the ego’s instantaneous judgment.  The miracle allows us just the tiniest step into something different- God’s view of things.  We just need the smallest movement of energy within us to totally shift.  God is the Magician of Miracles and He is always there manufacturing all of our certainty, and comfort, and forgiveness so that it is available to us at each juncture.  Our job is just to get out of the way.  Our gift to ourselves is when we allow God to be the architect of our lives.  God is always there at the drawing board, we just need to not interfere with His Purpose, and magical miracles.  

All love,

Laurie Prezbindowski

Licensed acupuncture


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