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ACIM Lesson 273

Lesson 273: “What is the Christ?”  “The stillness of the peace of God is mine.” This lesson says, “If we give way to a disturbance, let us learn how to dismiss it and return to peace.” When we feel God’s certainty, then, we have confidence and we are grounded...

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ACIM Lesson 272

Lesson 272: “What is the Christ?”  “How can illusions satisfy God’s Son?” This lesson says, “I will accept no less than You have given me.”  This simply asks us to get out of our comfort zone.  We all get totally sucked into that ego push- that pulls us backward...

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ACIM Lesson 271

Lesson 271: “What is the Christ?”  “Christ is the vision I will use today.”  This lesson says, “His kindly sight redeems the world from death, for nothing that He looks upon must but live, remembering the Father and the Son; Creator and creation unified.”  The Course reminds us that...

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ACIM Lesson 270

Lesson 270: “What is the Body?”  “I will not use the body’s eyes today.” This lesson says, “Father, Christ’s vision is Your gift to me and it has the power to translate all that the body’s eyes behold into the sight of the forgiven world.”  We are learning to...

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ACIM Lesson 269

Lesson 269: “What is a Body?”  “My sight goes forth to look upon Christ’s face.”  This lesson says, “Made to be fearful, must the body serve the purpose given it.” We learn in the Course that we are the sole ones who are credited for creating our lives.  Our...

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ACIM Lesson 268

Lesson 268: “What is the Body?”  “Let all things be exactly as they are.” This lesson says, “Let me not attempt to interfere with Your creation and distort it into sickly forms.”  I love that Jesus says here very specifically that we would simply -attempt- to interfere with God’s...

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ACIM Lesson 267

Lesson 267: “What is the Body?”  “My heart is beating in the peace of God.” This lesson says, “Peace fills my heart, and floods my body with the purpose of forgiveness.”  The Course reminds us that God is in our hearts and minds. We see God as the state...

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ACIM Lesson 266

Lesson 266: “What is the Body?”  “My holy Self abides in you, God’s Son.” This lesson says, “Father, You gave me all your Sons, to be my saviors and my counselors in sight;  the bearers of Your holy Voice to me.”   The Course reminds us how absolutely fortunate...

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ACIM Lesson 265

Lesson 265: “What is the Body?”  “Creation’s gentleness is all I see.” This lesson says,”And how deceived was I to think that what I feared was in the world, instead of in my mind.”  Gentleness is at the root of our peace.  God’s energy and purpose is wholly gentle. ...

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ACIM Lesson 264

Lesson 264: “What is the Body?”  “I am surrounded by the Love of God.” This lesson says, “You are in all things I look upon, the sounds I hear, and every hand that reaches for my own.” We are asked to participate in a truly extraordinary life.   When...

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